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Auto cad design of kitchen, laundry, canteen, restaurant, hospitality areas - We specialise in offering a one stop service for the complete design of your kitchen, laundry, bar , buffet, butchery, supermarket, mine site, etc.

Our various teams work closely together to ensure that the best solution for your business is found. All of our projects are professionally managed from conception through to completion. Each project is specifically designed to create its own unique atmosphere and tailored to suit the needs of our customer. We demand a high level of performance from both our staff and other contractors and accept only the highest quality products from the manufacturers. Great pride is taken on every project we undertake regardless of size.

Did you know that more than 50% of problems with guarantees during the first year are due to problems in the installation?

This is why at GE we take installations very seriously. For each project we appoint an head technical leader, who assesses the development of the installation and is responsible for ensuring compliance to the contract and agreed deadlines. Our technical and sales managers are the persons who supervise the development of the installation during and after the guarantee period.



A well-maintained piece of equipment is a synonym for profitability.

The better the machine is operating and the more productive it is, the better are the results for your business. This is why we pay special attention to offering maintenance packages with unbeatable financial conditions that adapt to different businesses and, therefore, requirements.

More maintenance, more savings, more profits.


After Sales Services

Experience is essential for a rapid and efficient repair, but it is not all.

At GE we have a maxim: each repair is an opportunity to apply what we have learnt. And as we have learnt a lot over the last 25 years, it could be said that we have the most experienced technical teams in Botswana. We are called out to more than 3000 repairs per year all over the country.

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After Sales Services

Genuine spare parts. The best guarantee.

By experience at GE we know that quality and the guarantee of spare parts fitted in the machines is essential for ensuring the correct performance and durability. That is why at GE we always use genuine spare parts.

No matter how well you take care of your restaurant / hotel / laundry / kitchen equipment, time and use are sure to cause damage and wear, making restaurant equipment parts necessary for repairs. We make it simple to find replacement parts, hardware, and preventative care items for all of your heavily used kitchen equipment to ensure your favorite pieces last for years to come. Please call our spares team to assist you with the part number, manufacturer, or part name of the part you need at our large selections food service & laundry spares division.

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